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Commit €100 now and receive €800 worth of exclusive benefits.

  • Extended 5-year
    international warranty
  • Genuine leather
    watch strap
  • Rubber
    watch strap
  • Personalized
  • Travel case
  • Personalized serial
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How does it work?

Let’s have a look at the journey you’ll undertake.
  • Commit

    Secure your watch now. Commit €100 to reserve your limited edition Parterra and gain access to €800 worth of exclusive benefits.

  • Make the plegde

    When the kickstarter goes live, make the pledge for a Parterra watch.

  • Receive credits

    As soon as the Kickstarter is funded, you’ll receive a €800 credit in your PledgeManager to buy the exclusive benefits.

Pre-order now

Dive in the details.

Extended 5-year international warranty

Embark on a worry-free journey with our exclusive extended 5-Year international warranty, ensuring your precious Parterra stays safeguarded across the globe.
During the warranty period, if any issues arise due to manufacturing defects or faulty workmanship, we will repair or replace your Parterra watch free of charge.

It is essential to note that the warranty does not cover damages caused by mishandling, accidents, water damage beyond the specified water resistance rating, unauthorized repairs, or alterations.
*Standard warranty is guaranteed up to two years.

Your lucky serial number

Add a personalized touch to your Parterra. Choose your lucky limited edition serial number. Don’t wait too long, as the ‘first come, first serve’ principle applies here.

Travel case

A trusty travel case that keeps your Parterra safe and secure during all your high-speed escapades.

Genuine leather watch strap

The leather watch strap is a testament to our commitment to artisanal craftsmanship, enveloping your wrist in unparalleled comfort.

Rubber watch strap

Embrace versatility and sportiness with our rubber watch strap, designed to seamlessly adapt to your dynamic lifestyle, lending a touch of contemporary flair to your companion.

Personalized engraving

Etch your heartfelt sentiments into your cherished possession, creating a timeless keepsake to treasure. Engrave up to 15 characters

Are you ready
to commit?

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Kickstarter prices

Retail price €3500

On November 7th our kickstarter campaign goes live. Back us
early on kickstarter to receive
a more competitive price than what you would find in store.

47,14% discount on retail

Super Early Bird
Limited to the first 2 days after the launch on Kickstarter

44,28% discount on retail

Early Bird
You may not have arrived at the crack of dawn, but are still miles ahead of the game. Limited to the first 7 days on Kickstarter

40% discount on retail

Regular Bird
You may not have caught the early worm, but still receive some price perks, as you’re a dependable and dedicated backer. Limited to the first 28 days
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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. If you find yourself curious about our products, services, or just seeking some quick guidance, you've come to the right place.

Is the €100 I’ve committed a deposit?

Beware, the amount you’ve committed is not a deposit for your Parterra watch. You will still need to make the pledge on Kickstarter. We’ll keep you updated on the launch of our Kickstarter so you have the opportunity to get the best deal out of it.

What is a Kickstarter campaign?

A Kickstarter campaign is a crowdfunding initiative where creators present their innovative projects or products to the public. People who are interested in supporting the project can pledge a certain amount of money to help bring the idea to life. In return, backers often receive rewards or perks related to the project.

What are the risks of a Kickstarter campaign?

The campaign on Kickstarter may not be successfully funded. If a Kickstarter campaign does not meet its funding goal, then you will not be charged any money but the project will not be able to come to life.

It is possible that due to unforeseen circumstances, the timelines for a project may get extended and delay you receiving your pledge reward. For instance, the global pandemic has delayed hundreds of projects. There is no way of knowing how long a project could be delayed before it happens.

Backers must also understand that Kickstarter is not a store. When you back a project on Kickstarter, you’re helping create something new — not pre-ordering something that already exists. As a result Kickstarter does not offer refunds.

What is Pledgebox?

Pledgebox is a type of pledge manager used to manage pledges and backer rewards during a Kickstarter campaign. It helps creators keep track of pledges, handle backer information, and organize reward fulfillment.

What is a pledge manager?

A pledge manager is an online tool used by project creators to manage the pledges and rewards of backers in a crowdfunding campaign, such as Kickstarter. After the campaign successfully reaches its funding goal, backers are often given the opportunity to manage their pledges and choose their desired rewards through the pledge manager.

What happens if I want to cancel my reservation before the Kickstarter goes live? (Will it be refunded?)

If you wish to cancel your reservation before the Kickstarter campaign launches, your payment will be refunded.

What if I want to switch to a different model before the campaign starts?

If you want to switch to a different model before the campaign begins, it’s not an issue since you’ll make your final selection on Kickstarter during the campaign.

What if the Kickstarter campaign doesn’t reach its funding goal? (Will it be refunded?)

If the Kickstarter campaign fails to reach its funding goal, all pledges will be refunded (including the €100 in case you’ve secured your watch), and the project won’t proceed.

Can the €100 that I commit now be used as a discount on Kickstarter?

No, the amount cannot be used as a discount on Kickstarter. Pledges are contributions to support the project and are not redeemable as discounts.

How can I use the €800 worth of exclusive benefits?

You can use the €800 by using Pledgebox to purchase additional extras related to the project.

What are the extra options available for the Parterra watch?

Here is an overview of the additional options available for selection.

Are you having doubts about your reservations?

No problem. We will return the full amount you’ve committed.

Add other possible questions or information that would be helpful for potential backers or participants in the Kickstarter campaign.

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