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On November 7th our kickstarter campaign goes live.
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Which Parterra suits your
adventurous mind?

Each model is limited to 250 pieces.


Palawan Blue

Designed for an unforgettable diving experience, Palawan Blue, draws its inspiration from the mesmerizing beauty of Palawan Island, located in the Philippines.

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Bwindi Green

Bwindi Green echoes the enigmatic allure of Uganda’s legendary impenetrable Bwindi forest. This design captures the essence of nature’s secrets.

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Lengai Black

Lengai Black encapsulates the untamed spirit of Tanzania’s majestic ‘Ol Doinyo Lengai’ volcano. The design mirrors the volcano’s temperament with a captivating black dial adorned with luminous accents.

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Hoggar Brown

Hoggar Brown pays homage to the rugged grandeur of the Hoggar Mountains. The watch is treated with a rich, warm brown finish, mirroring the natural hues of the mountain range’s rocky slopes.

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Conceived by two watch enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers.

Lander Van der Auwera and Nickolas De Beule, the dynamic duo behind Parterra, crafted an exceptional timepiece. Continually pushing boundaries, their creation embodies both the thrill of their active lives and the precision of Swiss engineering.


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